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  • Happy Easter 2 weeks no school coming soon! 回復
  • hello from United Kingdom now missing Hong Kong friends !  回復
  • Happy Halloween ! November coming, my Lianne birthday !    Also Autumn cool is replacing the Summer hot. Year end will visit us too.  Merry Xmas to my loved ~ God bless the new year 2015 HK & Uk[ ... 回復
  • happy mid autumn festival :) love your family and friends!  回復
  • back to office today, after a long trip from Europe.......... now really feel hot in HK, anyhow mid-autumn is coming next Sept ! 回復
  • Father's Day "Super" Offer 9-13/6/2014 Don't miss the chance $210 get total 4 pcs (extra gifts still available if you reach our set quantity, buy more, enjoy shopping for yourself and your beloved[em: ... 回復
  • 全新名牌女裝上衣全部HK$70 b+ab, dissel, roxy 更多 回復
  • happy Dragon Boat Festival.........3 days holidays   回復
  • so hot.........must drink more water, sisters ! 回復
  • 全新 b+ab 上衣 出售, 低至$50 , 請參觀討論區交易區. 回復
  • 1/5 holiday coming tomorrow...........enjoy and relax ! 回復
  • Tomorrow Sat - Ching Ming Festival, no rain please!  回復
  • Plan your Easter holidays! Good! 回復
  • warm Tuesday............ enjoy! 回復
  • hihi come back now in 2014 回復
假期外面旅遊見世界。。 2017-11-03
Scotland awesome experience 天氣好朋友多真謝謝
This sat event in HK.....xxxx. Immigration free seminar 2017-10-13 英國移民講座 UK Entrepreneur Visa Free Seminar
MSC Cruise trip 8 days 2017-09-28
Luxury many to share  Zeeburgers Bruges Belgium. Amsterdam Holland. Hamburg Germany. Le Harve France. Southampton England. Msc Preziosa ...
Korea 2017 Aug 五天之旅程 2017-08-25
原本打算自由行但又不想超出預算。thanks God blessings 美味的韓國膳食及風景不錯的國立公園! ...
Immigration updated news 2017-08-17 ...
Hot Summer 12August 2017 2017-08-12
Gathering at Yuen Long, is the aim of this summer break! I have to find some sports for kids in HK but it is really too hot!!! Today has sharin ...


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SoniaLok 2015-9-14 18:40
Thanks God. Sunny Monday pm. Try my best....God will do the rest!
SoniaLok 2015-6-19 09:11
good job!
mscally 2015-6-19 09:10
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SoniaLok 2015-4-5 03:33
Joyce Ho 2014-5-16 16:07
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mushroomB 2012-4-20 11:10
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denden 2011-8-31 12:04
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SoniaLok 2011-5-31 10:17
how ar u? any plan for this summer? take care my dear ex-student :)
Coombe 2011-2-9 21:03
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mookbeauty 2010-6-23 15:56
Private Message
SoniaLok 2010-6-21 15:48
do u email photos to me? anyway, thanks :) wish you have a nice summer~
SoniaLok 2010-6-8 19:05
ok, stay in touch la... by the way, ar u full time U student?
mookbeauty 2010-6-8 16:34
Thanks Joey!
Lorraine 2010-5-2 12:55
Private Message
SoniaLok 2010-4-30 08:49
levis jeans
ask me today ......see u
2:30pm before
Lorraine 2010-4-29 19:00
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